¡Bienvenidos a Puente!

After nearly two decades of exploring the world and its many culinary delights, we welcome you to Puente. In naming our restaurant Puente, the Spanish word for bridge, we have created a way to connect with the community before they even walk through our doors. Puente is set next to the historic Unionville bridge, which serves as the perfect landmark and literal gateway to our dining room. We invite you to get a taste of who we are and, most importantly, what we bring to the table as an American-Latino Pub.

We see bridges as a symbol of connection, both literally and metaphorically. You will find that we not only bring together people and experiences but also foods and cultures from around the world. Head Chef, Luis Vazquez, was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he grew up cooking with his two grandmothers. With one of them being from Puerto Rico and the other from Spain, Luis was inspired to master a mix of the two. His wife, Kerry, and most of our clientele love all-inclusive American food. Blended together, they create the perfect fusion and the inspiration behind Puente.

Our menu features everything from Margherita Pizza Empanadas to the Papi Chulo Plate, which features an array of South American favorites. We prepare and smoke our own meats, fish, and poultry in-house with bolder flavors and, of course, a little extra spice. We strive to capture the essence of these amazing cultures while adding our own unique spin, and with each bite, your taste buds will travel the globe.

We offer handcrafted specialty cocktails, craft beer, and wines. Our Farmington River Water will quench your brewed tea thirst with a honey bourbon twist, and our special Sangria, which is batched and tapped in-house, will keep the fiesta going!

Photo Credit: Douglas Hook / Hartford Courant

Before Puente came to be, Luis and his wife Kerry met while working at Scoozi Trattoria & Wine Bar in New Haven, and their lives have bridged together ever since. During their 18 years as a culinary couple, they realized their deep passion for food went hand in hand with their creativity and love for life. Together, as a team, this journey took them from New Haven to Puerto Rico, where Luis worked as an Executive Chef for the governor’s residence. There, he had a reputation for handcrafting unique and savory dishes.

In addition to being a cultural fusion restaurant, Puente is proud to be a Veteran-Owned Business. Prior to becoming a chef, Luis served in the military, where he developed a keen sense of perfection and integrity. Kerry, the aesthete of the two, also used her past skills to help Puente flourish. Having written and illustrated her own children’s book, Kerry utilized her artistic eye to design their restaurant from the inside out. Most notably, she hand-painted the red Flamboyan tree featured above the host stand.

Luis and Kerry returned to Connecticut following the birth of their first son, where Luis found an opportunity to be Executive Chef at Michael Jordan’s high-end Mexican restaurant, Sol Toro, located in Mohegan Sun Casino. Kerry worked as a server at Apricots in Farmington until they closed. Opening a restaurant of their own remained a lifelong dream. It wasn’t until the perfect opportunity came that they knew it was time to pursue their passion. Now, they’re ready to share it!

“Our restaurant, Puente, will be a happy place for so many people. We are ready to share our positive energy with the Farmington Valley. Puente will be a culmination of all of our combined restaurant experiences brought to life. The food, drinks, decor, ambiance, music, and staff will all contribute to our executed vision. We cannot wait to share our bridge and see our restaurant full of lively customers enjoying themselves and perhaps bridging connections of their own during their time with us!” ~ Kerry Vazquez


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